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Love for God and neighbor

Fif­teenth Sun­day After Pen­te­cost. [II Cor. 4:6–15; Matt. 22:35–46] The Lord offered the com­mand­ment about love for God and one’s

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Follow The Lord’s Sufferings

Mon­day (Holy Week). [Matt. 24:3–35] The Lord goes to a vol­un­tary pas­sion. We must accom­pa­ny Him. This is the duty

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Crucify Him!

[Phil. 4:4–9; John 12:1–18] Who did not meet the Lord when He, as a king, tri­um­phant­ly en­ter­ed in­to Je­ru­sa­lem; and

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Lazarus Saturday Vrbica Procession with Children

When: April 27, 2013 Where: 2148 Michel­son Dri­ve, Irvine, CA View Pho­to Gallery View Video

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The Holy Martyress Thomaida

Com­mem­o­rat­ed on April 13 The Holy Mar­tyress Thomai­da was born into a Chris­t­ian fam­i­ly in the city of Alexan­dria. In

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Unite with Christ in mind and heart

Thurs­day. Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way (Prov. 23:19). Out of the

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Fasting and works of righteousness

Wednes­day. Cry aloud, says the Lord to the Ho­ly Proph­et Isa­iah; spare not, con­vict­ing the trans­gres­sions of My peo­ple. What

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Holy Martyrs of the Kvabtakhevi Monastery

Com­mem­o­rat­ed on April 10 In the 14th cen­tu­ry, dur­ing the reign of King Bagrat V (1360–1394), Timur (Tamer­lane) invad­ed Geor­gia

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True Inner Peace

Mon­day (6th week of Lent). Thus says the Lord: I am the Lord thy God which tea­cheth thee to prof­it,

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A haughty spirit goeth before a fall

Thurs­day. A haughty spir­it goeth be‐fore a fall (Prov. 16:18).[1] There‐fore, do not allow evil thoughts to come in, and

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