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Every Psalm brings peace

The Psalms pro­vide a pow­er­ful arse­nal for spir­i­tu­al war­fare. Chant­i­ng the Psalms brings com­fort to our spir­its and tran­quil­i­ty to our minds. The Psalms are a great cure for anx­i­ety and depres­sion. They pos­sess pro­found philo­soph­i­cal wis­dom, and they reveal the rich­es of the­o­log­i­cal truth. The Psalms bring heal­ing to the Chris­t­ian and agony to the dev­il. This is why the Psalms per­vade our Ortho­dox wor­ship. So, chant the Psalms bold­ly and often! The Book of Psalms con­tains every­thing use­ful that the oth­er books of Scrip­ture have. It pre­dicts the future, it recalls the past, it gives direc­tions for liv­ing, it sug­gests the right behav­ior to adopt. It is, in short, a jew­el case in which have been col­lect­ed all the valid teach­ings in such a way that indi­vid­u­als find reme­dies just right for their cas­es. It heals the old wounds of the soul and gives relief to recent ones. It cures the ill­ness and pre­serves the health of the soul. Every Psalm brings peace, soothes the inter­nal con­flicts, calms the rough waves of evil thoughts, dis­solves anger, cor­rects and mod­er­ates profli­ga­cy Every Psalm pre­serves friend­ship and rec­on­ciles those who are sep­a­rat­ed. Who could actu­al­ly regard as an ene­my the per­son beside whom they have raised a song to the one God? Every Psalm antic­i­pates the anguish of the night and gives rest after the efforts of the day. It is safe­ty for babes, beau­ty for the young, com­fort for the aged, adorn­ment for women. Every Psalm is the voice of the Church St. Basil the Great

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