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My Lord and My God

Thomas’ Sun­day. [Acts 5:12–20; John 20:19–31] My Lord and my God! (John 20:28) cried the holy apos­tle Thomas. Do you feel the strength with which he has grasped the Lord, and how tight­ly he is hold­ing onto Him? A drown­ing man grasps the plank on which he hopes to be saved in the same way. We will add that who­ev­er does not have the Lord like this for him­self and does not keep him­self this way in rela?tion to the Lord, does not yet believe in the Lord as he should. We say: “Sav­iour and Lord,” mean­ing that He is the Sav­iour of all; but Thomas says: “my Sav­iour and Lord.” He who says: “my Sav­iour,” feels his own sal­va­tion pro­ceed­ing from Him. The feel­ing of sal­va­tion lies ad?jacent to the feel­ing of per­ish­ing, out of which the Sav­iour pulls whomev­er He saves. The feel­ing of per­ish­ing, for a man who is life-lov?ing by nature and who knows that he can­not save him­self, forces him to seek the Sav­iour. When he finds Him and feels the pow­er of salva?tion pro­ceed­ing from Him, he grasps Him tight­ly and does not want to be torn from Him, though he be deprived for this of life itself. Such a nature of events in the spiri?tual life of a Chris­t­ian are not only imag­ined in the mind, but are expe?rienced in deed. Then, both his faith and his union with Christ become firm, like life and death. Only such a per­son can sin­cere­ly cry: Who shall sep­a­rate me! (cf. Rom. 8:35).

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse