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Spiritual Kinship

Thurs­day. [Rom. 15:17-29; Matt. 12:46-13:3] For who­so­ev­er shall do the will of My Fa­ther which is in Heav­en, the same is My broth­er, and sis­ter, and moth­er. By this the Lord gives us to know that the spir­i­tu­al kin­ship which He came to plant and raise up on the earth is not the same as flesh­ly kin­ship; al­though in the form of its re­la­tion­ships, the spir­i­tu­al is the same as the flesh­ly. The spir­i­tu­al al­so con­tains fa­thers and moth­ers — they are those who give birth to peo­ple with the word of truth or the gos­pel, as the apos­tle Paul says. And it con­tains al­so broth­ers and sis­ters — they are those who are born spir­i­tu­al­ly from one per­son and grow in one spir­it. The con­nec­tion be­tween [spiritual] rel­a­tives is found­ed on the ac­tion of grace. It is not ex­ter­nal, not su­per­fi­cial, but as deep and a­live as the flesh­ly con­nec­tion, on­ly it has its place in an­oth­er much higher and im­por­tant sphere. This is why it predominates over the flesh­ly, and when nec­es­sary, it brings the flesh­ly as a sac­ri­fice to its spir­i­tu­al in­ter­ests with­out re­gret, in full cer­tain­ty that this sac­ri­fice is pleas­ing to God and is re­quir­ed by Him.