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The Bright Resurrection of Christ

The Bright Res­ur­rec­tion of Christ. [Acts 1:1–8; John 1:1–17] Pascha, the Lord’s Pascha! The Lord has led us from death to life by means of His res­ur­rec­tion. And this res­ur­rec­tion “the angels hymn in the heav­ens,” hav­ing seen the bright­ness of the dei­fied human nature in the glo­ry fore­or­dained for it, in the counte?nance of the Lord and Redeemer. All Who tru­ly believe in Him and cleave to Him with all their soul are changed into His image by the pow?er of His res­ur­rec­tion. Glo­ry, O Lord, to Thy most glo­ri­ous resurrec?tion! The angels hymn, rejoic­ing with us and fore­see­ing the fill­ing of their assem­bly. Vouch­safe us also with pure heart, O Lord, to glo­ri­fy Thee res­ur­rect­ed; see­ing in Thy res?urrection the sev­er­ing of our con?suming decay, the sow­ing of a most bright new life, and the dawn of fu?ture eter­nal glo­ry, into which Thou hast gone before us by Thy Resur?rection for our sake. The tongues not only of men but also of angels are have insuf­fi­cient strength to ex?press Thine unspeak­able mer­cy to?ward us, O most glo­ri­ous­ly resur?rected Lord!

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse