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The door to re­pen­tance is o­pen

Tues­day. emHell and de­struc­tion are be­fore the Lord:[1] how much more then the hearts of the chil­dren of men?/em (Prov. 15:11). But the sin­ner thinks that no­bod­y sees him. Con­ceal­ing him­self from hu­man eyes, in the dark­ness of night or in a deserted place, he sup­poses that he is not no­ticed by any­one. But God’s eye has seen ev­ery­thing; his guard­ian an­gel and con­science were wit­ness­es. At some time you will stand at the judge­ment: then all that is hid­den will be laid bare: un­com­pro­mis­ing wit­ness­es will be pres­ent — and you shall be speech­less. The ver­dict will not be sub­ject to ap­peal. There is on­ly one way to pre­vent this ul­ti­mate inevitability: re­pen­tance. The door to re­pen­tance is o­pen. Hur­ry to en­ter, be­fore the hour strikes… and it will strike. When? You do not know. But it will put an end to your sins, or to any hope of par­don.[1]The Sla­von­ic for Prov. 15:11 reads: emHell and de­struc­tion are man­i­fest be­fore the Lord…/em