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Amazon Smile

You can help our church with every pur­chase you made with Ama­zon. With­out affect­ing your price or deals in any way, Ama­zon will donate 0.5% of your pur­chas­es to us if you elect us to be your char­i­ty of choice.

There are three easy steps to make this possible:

  1. Select us as your char­i­ty of choice by vis­it­ing https://mostholytheotokos.com/smile and con­firm­ing your selection.
  2. Instead of going to www.amazon.com as usu­al, make it a habit to go to smile.amazon.com instead. At times, Ama­zon will warn you, and even ask you to be redi­rect­ed to smile.amazon.com if you went to www.amazon.com instead.
  3. If you use Chrome, Fire­fox, or Safari, you can install the Smilem­at­ic brows­er exten­sion, which ensures that you always use Ama­zon Smile!

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