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Istochnik Choir

Singing is an essential part of Orthodox worship. The choir, under the guidance of our director of music, Gorjana Zekic , and Sanja Rakonjac have the enormous responsibility of preparing and singing the responses for all services. Using their skills and talents in liturgical music, they instruct the choir on adequate vocal technique and the understanding of liturgical music and text. Members of the choir are expected to attend rehearsals in order to learn new music and improve the ensemble and vocal technique of the choir. Young people, including children, are encouraged to participate in offering this special gift to God. If you are interested in joining this ministry, please speak directly to Gorjana.

Istochnik Choir was formed in 2008 by Professor Gorjana Zekic and a small group of inspired people determined to share the riches of the liturgical music of the Orthodox Church with everybody curious enough to listen.   Very quickly, the choir has gained a large base of fans thanks to its exceptionally high performance level and  the carefully chosen repertoire containing masterpieces of Slavonic traditional music, as well as Serbian, Russian and Byzantine chant.  The Istochnik Choir is often invited by various churches to give concerts.

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