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Kingdom of God

… And of his kingdom there will be no end…

Jesus is the roy­al Son of David, of whom it was proph­e­sied by the angel at his birth:

He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob for­ev­er; and of his king­dom there will be no end (Lk 1:32–33).

Through his suf­fer­ings as the Christ, Jesus achieved ever­last­ing king­ship and lord­ship over all cre­ation. He has become “King of kings and Lord of lords,” shar­ing this title with God the Father Him­self (Deut 10:17; Dan 2:47; Rev 19:16). As a man, Jesus Christ is King of the King­dom of God.

Christ came for no oth­er rea­son than to bring God’s king­dom to men. His very first pub­lic words are exact­ly those of his fore­run­ner, John the Bap­tist: “Repent for the king­dom of heav­en is at hand” (Mt 3:2, 4:17).

All through his life Jesus spoke of the king­dom. In the ser­mons such as the Ser­mon on the Mount and the many para­bles, he told of the ever­last­ing king­dom.

Blessed are the poor in spir­it for theirs is the king­dom of heav­en…

Blessed are they who are per­se­cut­ed for right­eous­ness sake for theirs is the king­dom of heav­en.

He who does these com­mand­ments and teach­es them shall be called great in the king­dom of heav­en.

But seek ye first the king­dom of heav­en and its right­eous­ness, and all things will be yours as well.

Not every­one who says to me, “Lord, Lord,” shall enter the king­dom of heav­en, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heav­en (Mt 5–7).

The mus­tard seed, the leav­en, the pearl of great price, the lost coin, the trea­sure in the field, the fish­ing net, the wed­ding feast, the ban­quet, the house of the Father, the vine­yard… all are signs of the king­dom which Jesus has come to bring. And on the night of His last sup­per with the dis­ci­ples He tells the apos­tles open­ly:

You are those who have con­tin­ued with me in my tri­als; as my Father appoint­ed a king­dom for me, so do I appoint for you that you may eat and drink at my table in my king­dom, and sit on thrones judg­ing the twelve tribes of Israel (Lk 22: 28–30; Read­ing of the Vig­il of Holy Thurs­day).

Christ’s king­dom is “not of this world” (Jn 18:31). He says this to Pon­tius Pilate when being mocked as king, reveal­ing in this humil­i­a­tion His gen­uine divine king­ship. The King­dom of God, which Christ will rule, will come with pow­er at the end of time when the Lord will fill all cre­ation and will be tru­ly “all, and in all” (Col 3:11). The Church, which in pop­u­lar Ortho­dox doc­trine is called the King­dom of God on earth, has already mys­te­ri­ous­ly been giv­en this expe­ri­ence. In the Church, Christ is already acknowl­edged, glo­ri­fied, and served, as the only king and lord; and His Holy Spir­it, whom the saints of the Church have iden­ti­fied with the King­dom of God, is already giv­en to the world in the Church with full gra­cious­ness and pow­er.

The King­dom of God, there­fore, is a Divine Real­i­ty. It is the real­i­ty of God’s pres­ence among men through Christ and the Holy Spir­it. “For the King­dom of God… means… peace and joy and right­eous­ness in the Holy Spir­it” (Rom 14:17). The King­dom of God as a spir­i­tu­al, divine real­i­ty is giv­en to men by Christ in the Church. It is cel­e­brat­ed and par­tic­i­pat­ed in the sacra­men­tal mys­ter­ies of the faith. It is wit­nessed to in the scrip­tures, the coun­cils, the canons, and the saints. It will become the uni­ver­sal, final cos­mic real­i­ty for the whole of cre­ation at the end of the ages when Christ comes in glo­ry to fill all things with Him­self by the Holy Spir­it, that God might be “all and in all” (1 Cor 15:28).