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One God: One Divine Action and Will

Since the being of the Holy Trin­i­ty is one, what­ev­er the Father wills, the Son and the Holy Spir­it will also. What the Father does, the Son and the Holy Spir­it do also. There is no will and no action of God the Father which is not at the same time the will and action of the Son and the Holy Spir­it.

In Him­self, in eter­ni­ty, as well as towards the world in cre­ation, rev­e­la­tion, incar­na­tion, redemp­tion, sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion, and glorification—the will and action of the Trin­i­ty are one: from the divine Father, through the divine Son, in the divine Holy Spir­it. Every action of God is the action of the Three. No one per­son of the Trin­i­ty acts inde­pen­dent­ly of or in iso­la­tion from the oth­ers. The action of each is the action of all; the action of all is the action of each. And the divine action is essen­tial­ly one.