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One God: One Divine Knowledge and Love

Since each per­son of the Trin­i­ty is one with the oth­ers, each knows the same Truth and exer­cis­es the same Love. The knowl­edge of each is the knowl­edge of all, and the Love of each is the Love of all.

If tak­en in dis­tinc­tion, each per­son of the Trin­i­ty knows and loves the oth­ers with such absolute per­fec­tion, knowl­edge, and love that there is noth­ing unknown and noth­ing unloved of each in the oth­ers, and all in all. Thus, if the crea­ture­ly knowl­edge of men can unite minds in full una­nim­i­ty, and if the crea­ture­ly love of men can bring the divid­ed togeth­er into one heart and one soul and even one flesh, how incom­pa­ra­bly more per­fect and absolute­ly unit­ing must be the one­ness when the Know­ers and Lovers are eter­nal and divine.