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One God: One Divine Nature and Being

What the Father is, the Son and the Spir­it are also. This is the Church’s teach­ing. The Son, born of the Father, and the Spir­it, pro­ceed­ing from Him, share the divine nature with God, being “of one essence” with Him. 

Thus, as the Father is “inef­fa­ble, incon­ceiv­able, invis­i­ble, incom­pre­hen­si­ble, ever-exist­ing and eter­nal­ly the same” (Divine Litur­gy of St. John Chrysos­tom), so the Son and the Spir­it are exact­ly the same. Every attribute of divin­i­ty which belongs to God the Father—life, love, wis­dom, truth, blessed­ness, holi­ness, pow­er, puri­ty, joy—belongs equal­ly as well to the Son and the Holy Spir­it. The being, nature, essence, exis­tence and life of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spir­it are absolute­ly and iden­ti­cal­ly one and the same.