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One God, One Father

First of all, it is the Church’s teach­ing and its deep­est expe­ri­ence that there is only one God because there is only one Father.

In the Bible the term “God” with very few excep­tions is used pri­mar­i­ly as a name for the Father. Thus, the Son is the “Son of God,” and the Spir­it is the “Spir­it of God.” The Son is born from the Father, and the Spir­it pro­ceeds from the Father—both in the same time­less and eter­nal action of the Father’s own being.

In this view, the Son and the Spir­it are both one with God and in no way sep­a­rat­ed from Him. Thus, the Divine Uni­ty con­sists of the Father, with His Son and His Spir­it dis­tinct from Him­self and yet per­fect­ly unit­ed togeth­er in Him.