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The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity

The doc­trine of the Holy Trin­i­ty is not mere­ly an “arti­cle of faith” which men are called to “believe.” It is not sim­ply a dog­ma which the Church requires its good mem­bers to “accept on faith.” Nei­ther is the doc­trine of the Holy Trin­i­ty the inven­tion of schol­ars and aca­d­e­mi­cians, the result of intel­lec­tu­al spec­u­la­tion and philo­soph­i­cal think­ing.

The doc­trine of the Holy Trin­i­ty aris­es from man’s deep­est expe­ri­ences with God. It comes from the gen­uine liv­ing knowl­edge of those who have come to know God in faith.

The para­graphs which fol­low are intend­ed to show some­thing of what God has revealed of Him­self to the saints of the Church. To grasp the words and con­cepts of the doc­trine of the Trin­i­ty is one thing; to know the Liv­ing Real­i­ty of God behind these words and con­cepts is some­thing else. We must work and pray so that we might pass beyond every word and con­cept about God and to come to know Him for our­selves in our own liv­ing union with Him: “The Father through the Son in the Holy Spir­it” (Eph 2: 18–22).