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The Holy Trinity in Creation

God the Father cre­at­ed the world through the Son (Word) in the Holy Spir­it. The Word of God is present in all that exists, mak­ing it to exist by the pow­er of the Spir­it. Thus, accord­ing to Ortho­dox doc­trine, the uni­verse itself is a rev­e­la­tion of God in the Word and the Spir­it. The Word is in all that exists, caus­ing it to be, and the Spir­it is in all that exists as the pow­er of its being and life.

This is most evi­dent in God’s spe­cial crea­ture, man. Man is made in the image of God, and so he bears with­in him the unique like­ness of God which is eter­nal­ly and per­fect­ly expressed in the divine Son of God, the Uncre­at­ed and Absolute Image of the Father. Thus, man is “log­i­cal”; that is, he par­tic­i­pates in God’s Logos (the Son and Word) and so is free, know­ing, lov­ing, reflect­ing on the crea­ture­ly lev­el the very nature of God as the uncre­at­ed Son does on the lev­el of divinity.

Man also is “spir­i­tu­al”; he is the spe­cial tem­ple of God’s Spir­it. The Breath of God’s Life is breathed into him in the most spe­cial way. Thus, among crea­tures man alone is empow­ered to imi­tate God and to par­tic­i­pate in His life. Man has the com­pe­tence and abil­i­ty to become a Son of God, mir­ror­ing the eter­nal Son, reflect­ing the divine nature because he is inspired by the Holy Spir­it as is no oth­er crea­ture. Thus, one saint of the Church has said that for man to be a man, he must have the Spir­it of God in him. Only then can he ful­fill his human­i­ty; only then can he be made a true Son of God, likened to him who is only-begotten.

On the most basic lev­el of cre­ation, there­fore, we see the Trini­tar­i­an dimen­sions of the being and action of God: the Word and the Spir­it of God enter man and the world to allow them to be and to become that for which the Father has willed their existence.