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After the Our Father, the chil­dren of God receive Holy Com­mu­nion. The cel­e­brant again offers the Peace of Christ to the peo­ple, and with bowed heads they pray togeth­er for their wor­thy par­tic­i­pa­tion in Holy Com­mu­nion. The cel­e­brant prays that Christ Him­self would come to dis­trib­ute His Body and Blood.

Attend O Lord Jesus Christ our God, out of Thy holy dwelling place, from the throne of the glo­ry of Thy king­dom and come to sanc­ti­fy us, O Thou who sittest on high with the Father and art here invis­i­bly present with us, and by Thy mighty hand impart unto us Thy most pure Body and pre­cious Blood, and through us to all of the people.

The con­se­crat­ed Lamb is then ele­vat­ed with the procla­ma­tion: Holy Things are for the holy! The peo­ple respond: One is Holy! One is the Lord Jesus Christ! To the glo­ry of God the Father, Amen. The cel­e­brant then breaks the Lamb into four pieces accord­ing to the way it was cut at the proth­e­sis.

One piece of the sanc­ti­fied bread (IC) is put into the chal­ice togeth­er with a cup of hot water which sym­bol­izes the liv­ing char­ac­ter of the Risen Christ whose body and soul are reunit­ed and filled with the Holy Spir­it in the glo­ri­fied life of the King­dom of God.

The cler­gy then receive Holy Com­mu­nion from the bread (XC), and drink from the con­se­crat­ed cup. While the cler­gy par­tic­i­pate in the Holy Mys­ter­ies, the peo­ple sing a spe­cial com­mu­nion verse that changes accord­ing to the cel­e­bra­tion. They may sing oth­er hymns Prop­er to the sea­son as well, espe­cial­ly if the com­mu­nion of the cler­gy takes a long time.

The faith­ful peo­ple receive Holy Com­mu­nion on a spoon. They are giv­en both the con­se­crat­ed bread (NIKA), and the sanc­ti­fied wine. The com­mu­nion of the faith­ful is always from the gifts offered and sanc­ti­fied at the giv­en Divine Litur­gy. Holy Com­mu­nion is nev­er tak­en from any “reserve.” As we have men­tioned, all who are mem­bers of the Church through the sacra­ments of bap­tism and chris­ma­tion, includ­ing small chil­dren and infants, may par­take of Holy Communion.

Dur­ing the com­mu­nion of the faith­ful the peo­ple sing: Receive the Body of Christ, Taste the Foun­tain of Immor­tal­i­ty, Alleluia. Before the recep­tion of Holy Com­mu­nion gen­er­al­ly, the fol­low­ing prayer is recit­ed by all. It is each person’s act of per­son­al com­mit­ment to Christ, with faith in him and the Sacred Mys­ter­ies of his Church.

I believe O Lord and I con­fess that Thou art tru­ly the Christ, the Son of the Liv­ing God, who camest into the world to save sin­ners, of whom I am the first (see 1 Tim 1:15).

I believe also that this is tru­ly Thine own most pure Body, and that this is tru­ly Thine own most pre­cious Blood. There­fore 1 pray Thee: Have mer­cy upon me and for­give me my transgressions. …

And make me wor­thy to par­take with­out con­dem­na­tion of Thy most pure Mys­ter­ies, for the remis­sion of sins and unto life everlasting.

Of Thy Mys­ti­cal Sup­per, O Son of God, accept me today as a com­mu­ni­cant. For I will not speak of Thy Mys­tery to Thine ene­mies, nei­ther like Judas will I give Thee a kiss; but like the thief will I con­fess Thee: ‘Remem­ber me, O Lord, in Thy Kingdom.’

May the com­mu­nion of Thy Holy Mys­ter­ies be nei­ther to my judg­ment, nor to my con­dem­na­tion, O Lord, but to the heal­ing of soul and body.

Fol­low­ing Holy Com­mu­nion in some church­es it is the cus­tom of the peo­ple to take some bread and wine. This helps them to receive the holy gifts, and to have some­thing more to eat since they have been fasting.