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The wise man who has knowl­edge lives accord­ing to the truth through a total­ly hon­est life. Hon­esty means first of all, to speak the truth and nev­er to. “bear false wit­ness.” (Exo­dus 20:16)

There are six things which the Lord hates, sev­en which are an abom­i­na­tion to Him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue and hands that shed inno­cent blood, a heart that devis­es wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to do evil, a false wit­ness who breathes out lies, and a man who sows dis­cord among broth­ers. (Proverbs 6:16–19; Cf 11:1, 12:17, 17:4, 21:28, 25:14, 18)

This basic scrip­tur­al teach­ing is also that of the apostles.

For we pray to God that you may not do what is wrong…but that you may do what is honest…for we can­not do any­thing against the truth, but only for the truth. (2 Corinthi­ans 13:7–8)

Hon­esty also means to act tru­ly and open­ly, with­out pre­tense, or the pre­sen­ta­tion of a false image of one­self. It means, in a word, not to be a hypocrite.

Above all things, Christ the Lord hat­ed and con­demned hypocrisy, lying and deceit. He accused the dev­il him­self, first and fore­most, of being a deceiv­er and liar, pre­tend­ing to be oth­er than he is, pre­sent­ing him­self and his teach­ing as total­ly oth­er than the false­hood and wicked­ness that they actu­al­ly are. (Cf. John 8:44–47) This is the way of all the false prophets, and of the antichrist himself.

For many deceivers have gone out into the world, men who will not acknowl­edge the com­ing of Jesus Christ in the flesh; such a one is the deceiv­er and the antichrist. (2 John 7)

Take heed that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name say­ing “I am the Christ,” and they will lead you astray. (…)and many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. (…) For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and won­ders, so as to lead astray, if pos­si­ble, even the elect. (Matthew 24:4,11,24)

In His fierce con­dem­na­tion of the evil of the scribes, phar­isees and lawyers, Christ was most vio­lent against their hypocrisy. Of all the evils of men, the most vile in the sight of the Lord is undoubt­ed­ly hypocrisy.

Woe to you, scribes and Phar­isees, hyp­ocrites! for you cleanse the out­side of the cup and the plate, but inside you are full of extor­tion and rapac­i­ty. You blind Phar­isee! first cleanse the in- side of the cup and the plate, that the out­side also may be clean.

Woe to you, scribes and Phar­isees, hyp­ocrites! for you are like white­washed tombs, which out­ward­ly appear beau­ti­ful, but with­in are full of dead men’s bones and all impu­ri­ty. So you also out­ward­ly appear right­eous to men, but with­in are full of hypocrisy and iniq­ui­ty. (Matthew 23: 25–28)

The spir­i­tu­al per­son is not a hyp­ocrite. He shows him­self hon­est­ly for what he is, and does not pre­tend to be what he is not. He reveals him­self to all exact­ly as he actu­al­ly is. He does not say or do any­thing that would lead peo­ple to have a false impres­sion of him or of any­one or any­thing. He is utter­ly hon­est and pure in all that he things, says and does, know­ing that God sees all and judges with right­eous­ness all those who “walk in integri­ty.” (Cf. Psalm 26:1,11)