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Remembering Sanja Rakonjac

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4 responses to “Remembering Sanja Rakonjac”

  1. I won’t forget the beautiful and modest chanting of Sanja. She chose beautiful but uncomplicated chants so that everybody can participate and glorify God. I knew she had many earthly sufferings, but she was always able to find the strength to smile, care about others, and to come to the church and chant. She had ways with children, always helped with holiday preparation and especially on Christmas when she would bring snowballs and the snow machine and kids would enjoy the moments. She always prepared interesting Sunday school lessons and my son Yavor always loved them and she always brought them rewards and Yavor loved her so much for being, according his own worlds, the nicest person on the planet. Our church won’t be the same without Sanja, we will miss her endlessly, but she would continue to be a role model for us and we won’t stop communicating with her and remembering her days on earth and pray that our Parish reunites with her in the next life.

  2. Rest in peace, dear Sanja!

  3. The Romashucks says:

    Dear Fr. Blasko,
    Christ is Risen.
    We just received the bad news about Sania passing away. My wife and I, with the children, are so so sad that this holy woman left us, but on the other hand, we have no doubt that she is with Jesus enjoying her eternal life in His kingdom with the angels and all the saints. Please accept and pass our deepest condolences to her sons and family.
    May her memory be eternal, and may God bless her soul.
    With love in the Risen Lord,
    Yuri, Angelina, Maria, Anastasia, and Alex Romashuck

  4. I knew Sanja in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, I had lost touch with her. I hadn’t known of her death till just now. God rest her sweet soul! May her memory be eternal!

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