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Crucify Him

Palm Sun­day. [Phil. 4:4–9; John 12:1–18] Who did not meet the Lord when He, as a king, tri­umphant­ly entered into Jerusalem; and who did not cry out then, Hosan­na to the Son of David! (Matt. 21:15)? But only four days passed, and the same crowd with the same tongues cried, Cru­ci­fy Him, cru­ci­fy Him! (John 19:6). An amaz­ing change! But why should we be sur­prised? Do we not do the very same thing, when upon receiv­ing the holy Mys­ter­ies of the Body and Blood of the Lord, we bare­ly leave the church before for?getting every­thing — both our rev?erence and God’s mer­cy toward us. We give our­selves over as before to self-pleas­ing deeds — at first small and then also large. Per­haps even before four days have passed, al?though we do not cry, “Cru­ci­fy Him!” we will cru­ci­fy the Lord with?in our­selves. The Lord sees all of this, and suf­fers. Glo­ry to Thy long?suffering, O Lord!

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse