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Saint Angelina

Saint Angeli­na was the daugh­ter of Prince George Skender­beg of Alba­nia. Her mother’s name is not known, but she raised her daugh­ter in Chris­t­ian piety and taught her to love God.

Saint Stephen Bran­covich (Octo­ber 9 and Decem­ber 10), the ruler of Ser­bia, had come to Alba­nia to escape those who wished to kill him. Some time before he arrived in Alba­nia, Saint Stephen was unjust­ly blind­ed by the Turk­ish Sul­tan for some per­ceived offense. Since he was inno­cent, he bore his afflic­tion with courage.

Saint Stephen was not only Prince George’s guest, but he was also treat­ed as a mem­ber of his fam­i­ly. Not sur­pris­ing­ly, Stephen and Angeli­na even­tu­al­ly fell in love. With her par­ents’ bless­ing, they were mar­ried in church. After a few years, they were blessed with two sons: George and John.

When the boys were grown, Saint Stephen and his fam­i­ly were forced to flee to Italy for their safe­ty. At that time the Turks invad­ed Alba­nia and began to slaugh­ter men, women, and even children.

Saint Stephen died in 1468, leav­ing Angeli­na a wid­ow. In her dis­tress, she turned to the ruler of Hun­gary for help. He gave them the town of Kupino­vo in Sirmie.

Saint Angeli­na left Italy with her sons in 1486, stop­ping in Ser­bia to bury Saint Stephen’s incor­rupt body in his native land.

The chil­dren of these pious par­ents also became saints. George gave up his claim to the throne in favor of his broth­er John, then entered a monastery and received the name Maximus.

John was mar­ried but had no sons. He died in 1503 at a young age, and many mir­a­cles took place before his holy relics.

Saint Angeli­na sur­vived her hus­band and both of her sons. Mind­ful of her soul’s sal­va­tion, she entered a women’s monastery. She depart­ed to the Lord in peace, and her body was buried in the same tomb as her sons in the monastery of Krushe­dol in Frush­ka Gora.
Saint Angeli­na is also com­mem­o­rat­ed on Decem­ber 10 with her hus­band Saint Stephen and her son Saint John.