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A haughty spirit goeth before a fall

Thurs­day. A haughty spir­it goeth be-fore a fall (Prov. 16:18).[1] There-fore, do not allow evil thoughts to come in, and there will be no falls. And yet what are peo­ple most care-less about? About their thoughts. They allow them to seethe as much and how­ev­er they like, not even think­ing to sub­due them, or to di-rect them to ratio­nal pur­suits. Mean­while, with­in this inner tur-moil the ene­my approach­es, places evil in the heart, seduces it and in-clines it toward evil. And the per­son unno­tice­ably pre­pares him­self for evil. It remains for him to either car­ry out the evil fixed to his heart, or to strug­gle with it. But this is our sor­row: that almost nobody takes on the strug­gle; while all are led to the evil as if bound.

[1] The Slavon­ic for Prov. 16:18 reads: Evil thoughts go before a fall.