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A Humble Man

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A hum­ble man is nev­er rash, hasty or per­turbed, nev­er has any hot and volatile thoughts, but at all times remains calm. Even if heav­en were to fall and cleave to the earth, the hum­ble man would not be dis­mayed. Not every qui­et man is hum­ble, but every hum­ble man is qui­et. There is no hum­ble man who is not self-con­strained; but you will find many who are self-con­strained with­out being hum­ble. This is also what the meek hum­ble Lord meant when He said, ‘Learn of Me, for I am meek and hum­ble of heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.’ [Matt 11:29] For the hum­ble man is always at rest, because there is noth­ing which can agi­tate or shake his mind. Just as no one can fright­en a moun­tain, so the mind of a hum­ble man can­not be fright­ened. If it be per­mis­si­ble and not incon­gru­ous, I should say that the hum­ble man is not of this world. For he is not trou­bled and altered by sor­rows, nor amazed and enthused by joys, but all his glad­ness and his real rejoic­ing are in the things of his Mas­ter. Humil­i­ty is accom­pa­nied by mod­esty and self-col­lect­ed­ness: that is, chasti­ty of the sens­es; a mod­er­ate voice; mean speech; self-belit­tle­ment; poor rai­ment; a gait that is not pompous; a gaze direct­ed towards the earth; super­abun­dant mer­cy; eas­i­ly flow­ing tears; a soli­tary soul; a con­trite heart; imper­turba­bil­i­ty to anger; undis­trib­uted sens­es; few pos­ses­sions; mod­er­a­tion in every need; endurance; patience; fear­less­ness; man­li­ness of heart born of a hatred of this tem­po­ral life; patient endurance of tri­als; delib­er­a­tions that are pon­der­ous, not light, extinc­tion of thoughts; guard­ing of the mys­ter­ies of chasti­ty; mod­esty, rev­er­ence; and above all, con­tin­u­al­ly to be still and always to claim igno­rance. — St. Isaac the Syr­i­an #ortho­dox #ortho­doxy #ortho­dox­church #chris­t­ian #wis­do­mofthe­fa­thers #sti­saac­thesyr­i­an #humil­i­ty #calm­ness

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