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A Kingdom Divided Against Itself

Wednes­day. [II Cor. 9:12–10:7; Mark 3:20–27] If a king­dom be divid­ed a?gainst itself, that king­dom can­not stand. While sin­gle-mind­ed­ness for sin­ful evil is the qual­i­ty with­in us, the king­dom of dark­ness and sin is strong in us; but when God’s grace attracts to itself the part of the spir­it held cap­tive by sin, free­ing it from cap­tiv­i­ty, then there occurs a divi?sion with­in: sin on the one side, good on the oth­er. As soon as a per?son unites his con­scious­ness and free­dom with good as a result of this awak­en­ing, sin los­es all sup­port and starts to decay. Con­stan­cy in the good inten­tion tak­en on and pa?tience in labours com­plete­ly thwart sin and destroy it. Then begins the king­dom of good with­in, and it re?mains until some evil thought steals in, and, attract­ing the will to itself, once again brings about divi­sions. Just give entrance to the sin­ful stir­ring which has arisen, unite with it and set it in action, and again good will begin to weak­en, and evil will grow, until it destroys the good entire­ly. This is the near­ly continu?ous his­to­ry of the inner life of those who are weak-heart­ed and do not have a strong disposition.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse