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A Kingdom Divided Against Itself

Wednesday. [II Cor. 9:12-10:7; Mark 3:20-27] If a kingdom be divided a?gainst itself, that kingdom cannot stand. While single-mindedness for sinful evil is the quality within us, the kingdom of darkness and sin is strong in us; but when God’s grace attracts to itself the part of the spirit held captive by sin, freeing it from captivity, then there occurs a divi?sion within: sin on the one side, good on the other. As soon as a per?son unites his consciousness and freedom with good as a result of this awakening, sin loses all support and starts to decay. Constancy in the good intention taken on and pa?tience in labours completely thwart sin and destroy it. Then begins the kingdom of good within, and it re?mains until some evil thought steals in, and, attracting the will to itself, once again brings about divisions. Just give entrance to the sinful stirring which has arisen, unite with it and set it in action, and again good will begin to weaken, and evil will grow, until it destroys the good entirely. This is the nearly continu?ous history of the inner life of those who are weak-hearted and do not have a strong disposition.

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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