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A Miracle of Saint John Maximovitch

A mir­a­cle of St. John Max­i­movitch (ama­teur trans­la­tion) In 2004, in the city of Muli­no, Ore­gon, an aston­ish­ing and won­drous event took place. It con­cerns a God-fear­ing woman of Russ­ian descent, part of the Church of the New Russ­ian Mar­tyrs, where Fr. Ser­gios Sves­nikof serves as a priest. In this parish are pre­served as a trea­sure the epi­manikia (cler­i­cal cuffs) of St. John. This woman, who was in her last week of preg­nan­cy (actu­al­ly a short time before her due date), went for her last gen­er­al appoint­ment. Dur­ing the appoint­ment, they were shocked when the doc­tor diag­nosed that the child was dead in the moth­er’s womb. Imme­di­ate­ly they told her that she would expe­ri­ence con­trac­tions and that she would give birth to a dead baby. She faint­ed and was mourn­ing. When they came to their sens­es, they pre­pared to give her a med­i­cine to speed up con­trac­tions and induce labor. She told them to stop imme­di­ate­ly, and asked them to call their priest, Fr. Sergius. When he learned what occurred, he told them to not do any­thing, but to wait. A short time lat­er he arrived at the hos­pi­tal, bring­ing the epi­manikia of St. John. Hold­ing the epi­mani­ka he signed her with the sign of the Cross on her womb, and to the great aston­ish­ment of all, the baby’s heart began to beat again, as the portable ultra­sound showed! The child was born a short time lat­er alive and healthy, and was named John in hon­or of the Saint.

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