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A Morning Prayer by Elder Sophrony of Essex

Hesy­chia and The­ol­o­gy by Met­ro­pol­i­tan Hieroth­e­os of Naf­pak­tos, who writes, “If some­one reads this prayer in the morn­ing with con­tri­tion and atten­tion, the whole day will be blessed.”

Prayer at Day­break to be said each day on ris­ing from sleep

Eter­nal King with­out begin­ning, You who are before all worlds, my Mak­er, Who have sum­moned all things from non-being into this life: bless this day that You, in Your inscrutable good­ness, give to me. By the pow­er of Your bless­ing enable me at all times in this com­ing day to speak and act for You, to Your glo­ry, in Your fear, accord­ing to Your will, with a pure spir­it, with humil­i­ty, patience, love, gen­tle­ness, peace, courage, wis­dom and prayer, aware every­where of Your presence.

Yes, Lord, in Your immense mer­cy, lead me by Your Holy Spir­it into every good work and word, and grant me to walk all my life long in Your sight with­out stum­bling, accord­ing to Your right­eous­ness that You have revealed to us, that I may not add to my transgressions.

O Lord, great in mer­cy, spare me who am per­ish­ing in wicked­ness; do not hide Your face from me. And when my cor­rupt will would lead me down oth­er paths, do not for­sake me, my Sav­ior, but force me back to Your holy path.

O You Who are good, to Whom all hearts are open, You know my pover­ty and my fool­ish­ness, my blind­ness and my use­less­ness, but the suf­fer­ings of my soul are also before You. Where­fore I beseech You: hear me in my afflic­tion and fill me with Your strength from above. Raise me up who am par­a­lyzed with sin, and deliv­er me who am enslaved to the pas­sions. Heal me from every hid­den wound. Puri­fy me from all taint of flesh and spir­it. Pre­serve me from every inward and out­ward impulse that is unpleas­ing in Your sight and hurt­ful to my brother.

I beseech You: estab­lish me in the path of Your com­mand­ments and to my last breath do not let me stray from the light of Your ordi­nances, so that Your com­mand­ments may become the sole law of my being in this life and in all eternity.

O God, my God, I plead with You for many and great things: do not dis­re­gard me. Do not cast me away from Your pres­ence because of my pre­sump­tion and bold­ness, but by the pow­er of Your love lead me in the path of Your will. Grant me to love You as You have com­mand­ed, with all my heart, and with all my soul, and with all my mind, and with all my strength: with my whole being.

For You alone are the holy pro­tec­tion and all-pow­er­ful defend­er of my life, and to You I ascribe glo­ry and offer my prayer.

Grant me to know Your truth before I depart this life. Main­tain my life in this world until I may offer You true repen­tance. Do not take me away in the midst of my days, and when You are pleased to bring my life to an end, fore­warn me of my death, so that I may pre­pare my soul to come before You.

Be with me then, O Lord, on my great and sacred day, and grant me the joy of Your sal­va­tion. Cleanse me from man­i­fest and secret sins, from all iniq­ui­ty hid­den in me; and give me a right answer before Your dread judg­ment-seat. Amen.