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Ashamed to Confess Christ

[Col. 2:20-3:3; Luke 9:23-27] Do not be ashamed to confess the Lord Jesus Christ as the incar‐nate Son of God who redeemed us through His death on the cross, who through His resurrection and ascen‐sion opened for us the entrance into the Kingdom of heaven. If you shall be ashamed, then He shall be a‐shamed of you, When he shall come in His own glory, and in His Father’s, and of the holy Angels. Now in socie‐ty there is a trend to not talk at all a‐bout the Lord and about salvation, whereas in the beginning these dear subjects were all that people talked about. One’s talk more readily flows from the place where the heart a‐bides. Can it really be that people’s hearts abide less with the Lord? Judging from the talk, this must be the case. Some do not know Him at all, others are cold towards Him. Fearing encounters with such peo‐ple, even those who are warm to‐wards the Lord do not direct the conversation towards Him, and the priesthood is silent. Now, talk about the Lord and Saviour and about our main concern — salvation — is ex‐cluded from the circle of talk ac‐ceptable in society. What, you say, are we really supposed to talk only about that? Why only about that? One can talk about anything, but in a way that is shaded by the spirit of Christ. Then it would be possible to guess whether the speaker is Chris‐tian or pagan. Now, however, it is impossible to guess what they are, neither by their talk, nor by their writings. Look through all the peri‐odicals — what don’t they write there? But nobody wants to make Christian conversation. What a complicated time!

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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