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Ashamed to Confess Christ

[Col. 2:20–3:3; Luke 9:23–27] Do not be ashamed to con­fess the Lord Jesus Christ as the incar-nate Son of God who redeemed us through His death on the cross, who through His res­ur­rec­tion and ascen-sion opened for us the entrance into the King­dom of heav­en. If you shall be ashamed, then He shall be a-shamed of you, When he shall come in His own glo­ry, and in His Father’s, and of the holy Angels. Now in socie-ty there is a trend to not talk at all a-bout the Lord and about sal­va­tion, where­as in the begin­ning these dear sub­jects were all that peo­ple talked about. One’s talk more read­i­ly flows from the place where the heart a-bides. Can it real­ly be that peo­ple’s hearts abide less with the Lord? Judg­ing from the talk, this must be the case. Some do not know Him at all, oth­ers are cold towards Him. Fear­ing encoun­ters with such peo-ple, even those who are warm to-wards the Lord do not direct the con­ver­sa­tion towards Him, and the priest­hood is silent. Now, talk about the Lord and Sav­iour and about our main con­cern — sal­va­tion — is ex-cluded from the cir­cle of talk ac-ceptable in soci­ety. What, you say, are we real­ly sup­posed to talk only about that? Why only about that? One can talk about any­thing, but in a way that is shad­ed by the spir­it of Christ. Then it would be pos­si­ble to guess whether the speak­er is Chris-tian or pagan. Now, how­ev­er, it is impos­si­ble to guess what they are, nei­ther by their talk, nor by their writ­ings. Look through all the peri-odicals — what don’t they write there? But nobody wants to make Chris­t­ian con­ver­sa­tion. What a com­pli­cat­ed time!

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse