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Be a servant to everyone

Thurs­day. [I Cor. 14:6-19; Matt. 20:17-28] Chris­tian­i­ty ful­ly sat­is­fies our striv­ing for su­pe­ri­or­i­ty — but how? Through a meth­od to­tal­ly op­posed to the one used in the world. Do you want to be first? Be a ser­vant to ev­ery­one; that is, be the last a­mongst them, and this is just as es­sen­tial as it is to at­tune your life and your dis­po­si­tion ac­cord­ing to the ex­am­ple of Christ the Lord. The Lord says, the Son of Man came not to be ministered un­to, but to min­is­ter, and to give his life a ran­som for man­y. The Lord min­is­ters, even wash­es the feet of His dis­ci­ples; there is no need, there­fore, to be a­shamed of ministering to some­one. Min­is­ter how­ev­er, and with what­ev­er, you can; there are op­por­tu­ni­ties ev­ery step of the way: feed one who is hun­gry, clothe one who is na­ked, bring a strang­er in­to your home, vis­it one who is sick and even tend to him, and do not re­fuse all oth­er help to those who ask it. Serve not the bod­y on­ly, but al­so the soul: give un­der­stand­ing, ad­vice, point out a good book, con­sole, sup­port. A word is al­so a pow­er­ful means to help; a soul goes out from it, and helps an­oth­er by join­ing with him.

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