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Bearing the small cross

” We went through fire and water…” The cross­es of ordeals • I have always on me the small cross you gave me, O Elder, and it helps me to over­come dif­fi­cul­ties. • Yes, these small cross­es are our cross­es. Like the ones we wear around our necks and pro­tect us in our lives. What do you think? Do we bear a big cross? Only Christ’s Cross was very heavy because Christ did not want to use for Him­self His divine strength out of love for us, the peo­ple. More­over, he bears the weight of all the cross­es of the world and dis­bur­dens us from the pains of the ordeals with His divine help and His sweet com­fort. Good God pro­vides each per­son with a cross rel­e­vant to their strength; the idea is not suf­fer­ing but the ascent from the cross to Heav­en because in real­i­ty the cross is a stair­way to Heav­en. If we realise what trea­sure we are sav­ing from the pain of ordeals, we will not groan, but praise God bear­ing the small cross he gave us as a gift. Thus, we will enjoy this life and we will receive pen­sion and “gra­tu­ity” in the oth­er one. God has secured our reward in Heav­en. If we ask to be relieved from an ordeal, then He gives the reward to some­one else and we lose it. Where­as, if we are patient, He will gives us inter­est as well. The peo­ple who suf­fer here are blessed because the more they suf­fer in this life, the more they are helped in the oth­er, because they are pay­ing off sins. The cross­es of ordeals are high­er than the “tal­ents”, the gifts, that God offers us. The per­son that bears not only one but five cross­es is blessed. An ordeal or a mar­tyri­cal death is also a clear reward. Thus, we should say for every ordeal: “Thank you God, because this is what was need­ed for my sal­va­tion.” ‑Saint Paisios

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