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Belonging to Christ not of the world

[Acts 10:21–33; John 7:1–13] The world can­not hate you; but me it hateth, because I tes­ti­fy of it, that the works there­of are evil (John 7:7). The Lord did not say this to His dis­ci­ples; to His dis­ci­ples He fore­told lat­er that the world would hate and per­se­cute them also, be?cause He has tak­en them out of the world. So, note what the world hates, and you will learn of Christ’s lot. The world rebels most strong­ly against what is of Christ, what is clos­est to Him, and more like unto His spir­it. This is an exter­nal indica?tor, but for those who live external?ly this is enough. The world does not act on its own, but is kin­dled in its works by its prince — satan, the works of whom the Lord destroyed, and con­tin­ues to destroy in believ?ers and with believ­ers. He can­not do any­thing to the Lord direct­ly; this is why he directs his anger up?on those who believe in Him, so that in frus­trat­ing them he will frus­trate the Lord. He does not act direct­ly in this, but through his agen­cies, which make up the world. This does not mean that he is strong; do not fear him, but rather be bold, for the Lord over­came the world and the prince there­of. Satan is not in a con?dition to do any­thing to one who does not yield on his own.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse