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Breath the Air of Resurrection

[Acts 2:38–43; John 3:1–15] Ben­e­fi­cial is the work of those who, using sen­si­ble rea­son, crush the enor­mous lie mus­tered against the truth of the res­ur­rec­tion. Read and arm your­self with this rea­son; mean­while, do not be too lazy to al?low more and more space for the pow­er of Christ’s Res­ur­rec­tion to enter into you. The more you do this, the more you will breathe the air of the Res­ur­rec­tion, and you will become quite safe from all the darts of the ene­my, which are direct­ed a?gainst this truth. You ask, what is need­ed for this? Noth­ing spe­cial: be the way you ought to be accord­ing to the vow you made in holy bap?tism, which is our res­ur­rec­tion. You spat on satan and all his works? So con­tin­ue to pre­serve your­self thus in rela­tion to him. Did you unite your­self with Christ? Then abide with Him. The deeds of dark­ness and light are obvi­ous. Flee from the for­mer and make all dili­gence with the lat­ter. But do this with­out any com­pro­mis­es, even the small­est, so that the norm of your life becomes the fol­low­ing: there is no commu?nion of light with dark­ness, or of Christ with Belial (cf. II Cor. 6:15).

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse