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But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts

[I Pet. 3:10–22; Mark 12:18–27] But sanc­ti­fy the Lord God in your hearts (I Pet. 3:15). Sanctify-ing the Lord in one’s heart is the soul and spir­it of the hid­den man of the heart depict­ed above. As in the begin­ning, God cre­at­ed the body of man out of par­ti­cles of dust, breathed into him the breath of life (cf. Gen. 2:7), and man became as he ought to be, so the hid­den man of the heart, cre­at­ed on the inside from the indi­cat­ed virtues, is only a real spir­i­tu­al man when his heart sanc­ti­fies the Lord God. Thus, we read in the Lord’s Prayer, “Hal-lowed[1] Be Thy Name.” If this does not occur, then the man, who was mod­elled from the afore­men­tioned virtues, will end up a still­born child, with­out the spir­it of life. Let this be known to those who think to get a-way with a few virtues with­out hav-ing any rela­tion­ship to God! What does it mean to sanc­ti­fy God in the heart? It means show­ing great rev-erence before Him unceas­ing­ly, al-ways bear­ing in mind the thought of His omnipres­ence; being eager at every instant to zeal­ous­ly please Him, and with all fear to beware of every­thing unpleas­ing to Him. Espe-cially, it means com­mit­ting all of your tem­po­ral and eter­nal life unto His father­ly care; to accept all that hap­pens humbly, sub­mis­sive­ly and thank­ful­ly, as com­ing straight from His hand.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse 

[1]In the Slavon­ic, the words “sanc-tify” from the Epis­tle is the same as word as “hal­lowed” in the Lord’s prayer.