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[Acts 28:1–31; John 21:15–25] Nobody is lazy in commemorat?ing his own parents; but it is also necessary to commemorate all Or?thodox Christians, and not only on this day, but at all times, in every prayer. We ourselves will be there, and will need this prayer like a poor person needs a piece of bread and a glass of water. Remember that prayer for those who have passed a?way is strong through its commu?nality, in that it comes from the en?tire Church. The Church breathes prayer. Just as it is in nature, when during pregnancy a mother breathes and the strength she re?ceives from this breath passes on to the child, so also in the order of grace, the Church breathes a prayer which is shared by all, and the pow?er of the prayer passes on to those who have passed away, held in the bosom of the Church, which is made up of the living and the dead, the militant and the triumphant. Do not be lazy — zealously commemorate all of our departed fathers and brothers whenever you pray. It will be your alms for them.

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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