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Consequence of unbelief

Tues­day. [Acts 12:25–13:12; John 8:51–59] The Jews be­came an­gry with the Lord be­cause of His ac­cu­sa­tion, and pick­ed up stones to cast at Him. But the Lord went through the midst of them, and so pass­ed by (John 8:59). They did noth­ing to the Lord, but they de­stroy­ed them­selves, for the con­se­quence of their un­be­lief was the ter­ri­ble sen­tence of the Lord: Be­hold, your house is left un­to you des­o­late (Matt. 23:38) and al­so: let us pass from here. And the Lord pass­ed to an­oth­er place and chose oth­er peo­ples for His hab­i­ta­tion, in­stead of the be­loved Is­ra­el. Even now, in­sig­nif­i­cant peo­ple, in the self-de­lu­sion of a proud mind which does not con­tain the truth of Christ, take up stones of op­po­si­tion to the Lord and cast them at Him. They do not harm Him, be­cause He nev­er­the­less is the Lord, and His truth is the im­mu­ta­ble truth; they on­ly de­stroy them­selves. The Lord goes by, leav­ing such peo­ple in their vain wis­dom, which whirls them, like a whirl­wind spins loose specks of dust. But when an en­tire na­tion is car­ried a­way with false wis­dom, then the des­ti­ny of an en­tire na­tion is formed, as it was for the Jews. Un­der­stand, ye na­tions, and sub­mit to the Lord!

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