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Death Awaits

[Eph. 1:16–23; Luke 12:32–40]

Let your loins be gird­ed about, and your lights burn­ing. We must be ready at every hour — one does not know when the Lord will come, ei-ther for the Last Judg­ment, or to take you from here; they are the same for you. Death decides every-thing. After it comes the results of your life, you can be con­tent with what you have sought to gain for all of eter­ni­ty. If you sought what is good, your lot will be good; if you sought what is evil, then your lot will be evil. This is as true as it is true that you exist. All of this could be decid­ed this moment — here at this very moment, as you read these lines, and then — the end to all: a seal will be set to your exis­tence, which nobody can remove. This is some­thing to think about! But one nev­er ceas­es to be amazed at how lit­tle peo­ple think about it. What is this mys­tery wrought over us! We all know that death is around the cor­ner, that it is impos­si­ble to es-cape it, but mean­while almost no-body thinks about it — and it will come sud­den­ly and seize us. Even then… Even when a fatal dis­ease seizes a per­son he still does not think that the end has come. Let psy­chol­o­gists decide this from a sci-entific aspect; from the moral aspect it is impos­si­ble not to see here an in-comprehensible self-delu­sion, alien only to one who is heed­ful of him-self.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse