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[II John 1:1–13; Mark 15:22–25, 33–41] Saint John the The­olo­gian writes, many deceivers are entered into the world, who con­fess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh (II John 1:7). Such it was in his time, where­as now deceivers enter the world, who con­fess that Christ is come in the flesh, but who never­ the­less are “deceivers and anti­ christs” (cf. II John 1:7). This more o­ pen­ly began in the time of Arias and con­tin­ues to this day. How­ev­er, the ancient deceivers stum­bled more in the dog­ma about the per­son of Jesus Christ our Sav­iour, where­as from the time of Luther they began to stum­ble in the teach­ing about sal­ vation in Him. How many such “teach­ers” have there been? Such “deceivers and antichrists” have ap­ peared among us, who say “believe and it is enough;” noth­ing more is need­ed — nei­ther the Church, nor the Sacra­ments, nor the priest­hood. These too begin their decep­tion start­ing with Christ the Lord and sal­va­tion in Him. But since they do not inter­pret these cor­rect­ly, they are antichrists, and sub­ject to con­ dem­na­tion. Beware of them. Who­ soev­er trans­gres­seth, and abideth not in the doc­trine of Christ hath not God (II John 1:9). These peo­ple do not have Him, because they do not have the doc­trine of Christ. This doc­trine is in the Church, and they have sep­a­rat­ed them­selves from the Church. Only those who fol­low the Church have the doc­trine of Christ and abide in it. They there­fore have both Christ, the Son of God, and God the Father. But the oth­ers do not, al­ though they keep say­ing that they do. Do not receive them, nei­ther bid them God-speed (cf. II John 1:10).