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Demon of Blasphemy

When one is beset by the demon of blas­phe­my the ther­a­py is as fol­lows, ‘Cast the thought aside for it is not of your own mind but the inven­tion and scheme of the dev­il to whom you must answer thus: This blas­phe­my is yours, O sub­tle demons. May it be on your heads and may your injus­tice smite your arro­gance. Your abom­i­na­tions accuse you for you blas­pheme against God, for you are proud and apos­tates. I always bless the Lord and my Sav­ior. When your response is thus, and you do the sign of the Cross, the demons will flee and will van­ish sud­den­ly like smoke. You must know that the rea­son I can’t here, is in the ceram­ic pithos jar.”

Four Great Saints
Saint Pachomius the Great, of. 76