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Divine Liturgy with Bishop Maxim on October 4, 2020

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Bishop Maxim Visits Our Church

Among the many ways the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic has affect­ed our lives, one is espe­cial­ly hard to bear: a feel­ing of iso­la­tion from each oth­er. An anti­dote to that feel­ing is a reminder that we faith­ful are unit­ed in Christ. A vis­it by the Bish­op sends a joy­ful mes­sage: no mat­ter how small and phys­i­cal­ly iso­lat­ed our com­mu­ni­ties may be, we are not spir­i­tu­al­ly iso­lat­ed. We form the same Church, the body of Christ.

On the 17th Sun­day after Pen­te­cost, Bish­op Max­im vis­it­ed our Nativ­i­ty of the Most Holy Theotokos Church in Orange Coun­ty. Two active parish mem­bers, Igor Prikhodtko and Niko­la Zlat­ic, who have been help­ing in the altar for years, were ton­sured as read­ers before the Hier­ar­chi­cal Litur­gy. Vladi­ka Max­im prayed that the new read­ers be “pre­served in blame­less­ness of life” and remind­ed them that the min­istry of a read­er is very impor­tant. He instruct­ed them to read the Holy Scrip­ture dai­ly. The new read­ers will con­tin­ue their ser­vice for the glo­ry of God and His Holy Church.

Bish­op Max­im was assist­ed in serv­ing the Divine Litur­gy by the parish priest Fr. Blasko Parak­lis and Fr. Oleg Kostenko from Kyiv, who has been help­ing Fr. Blasko and the parish com­mu­ni­ty in many ways dur­ing the last few months. The respons­es at the Divine Litur­gy were sung by three mem­bers of the church choir.

The vis­it of His Grace Bish­op Max­im was even more joy­ful as it fell on the anniver­sary of Fr. Blasko’s ordi­na­tion as a priest. The choir sang Mno­ga­ja Lje­ta to Fr. Blasko, who then thanked Bish­op Max­im, the choir, and all the faith­ful for their prayers and con­tin­ued sup­port, wish­ing every­one many years of spir­i­tu­al prosperity.

After the Divine Litur­gy, a group of parish mem­bers enjoyed an enlight­en­ing con­ver­sa­tion with Bish­op Max­im on sev­er­al vital issues of Church life, includ­ing the bound­aries of the Church, here­sies and schisms, strict teach­ings of the church, and the prac­tice of those teach­ings on ikono­mia and akrivia.Our deep grat­i­tude goes to Bish­op Max­im for vis­it­ing us and serv­ing at our church. We pray that he comes to us again in the near future. “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”