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Divinity of the Lord

Thurs­day. [Gal. 3:23-4:5; Mark 6:30-45] And peo­ple ran afoot thith­er out of all cities… and came to­geth­er un­to Him. This is to the Beth­sa­i­da des­ert, where the mar­vel­lous fill­ing of five thou­sand with five loaves of bread and two fish­es was per­form­ed. What drew the peo­ple to the Lord? Sym­pa­thy to­wards the Di­vine. The Di­vin­i­ty of the Lord, hid­den un­der the cov­er of hu­man na­ture, re­veal­ed it­self in word, deed, gaze, and in all that was vis­i­ble in the Lord. The man­i­fes­ta­tions of the God­head awak­en­ed a feel­ing of the God­head hid­den in the heart, and through it drew peo­ple to the Lord. No­bod­y has pow­er to hold back such a move­ment to­ward the Lord, not even the one who feels it, be­cause it is deeper and strong­er than all oth­er move­ments. The same Di­vin­i­ty, ma­ni­fest­ed lat­er by the Sav­iour, drew peo­ple of ev­ery tongue un­der the heav­ens to Him. It has been the same through­out the en­tire his­to­ry of the Church, even to this day. A small trace of the Di­vine draws peo­ple to it­self. What fol­lows from this ex­pe­ri­ence ev­ery­where and at all times of our spir­it’s as­pi­ra­tion for the Di­vine? What fol­lows is that what is Di­vine, what is su­per­nat­u­ral — is the God­head, its source. This as­pi­ra­tion lies in the foun­da­tion of our spir­it and con­sti­tutes its na­ture, as any­one can see from our in­tel­lec­tu­al, aes­thet­ic and prac­ti­cal con­cerns. But in na­ture there can­not be lies and de­cep­tion; con­se­quent­ly they do not ex­ist in this as­pi­ra­tion for the God­head. From this it fol­lows that God and the Di­vine ex­ist, and that the nat­u­ral­ists, in re­ject­ing what is su­per­nat­u­ral, are go­ing a­gainst the na­ture of the hu­man spir­it.

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