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Doing Good

Fri­day. [Eph. 1:7–17; Mark 8:1–10] Hav­ing filled four thou­sand with sev­en loaves of bread, the Lord straight­way entered into a ship, and came into the parts of Dal­manutha as if noth­ing par­tic­u­lar was done. Such is the true doing of good — to do it con­tin­u­al­ly, not pay­ing atten?tion to what has been done, and al?ways for­get­ting what is past, to stretch towards what is ahead. This comes nat­u­ral­ly for those who are filled with good­ness. Just as a strong man lifts heavy weights with­out notic­ing while a weak man who has lift­ed up a small weight can­not seem to for­get it, so one who is strong in good­ness does every good with­out strain, when­ev­er the occa?sion aris­es, while one who is poor in good­ness can­not man­age with­out strain­ing. He remem­bers the good, and he keeps look­ing back and glanc­ing at it. A good heart craves to do good, and is not sat­is­fied until it has done good in abun­dance, as a man is not sat­is­fied until he has eat­en his fill. While hunger is felt, din­ner is remem­bered, but when the hunger is sat­is­fied, all is forgot?ten: so with a tru­ly good per­son a good deed is remem­bered while it is not yet done; but once it is done, it is forgotten.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse