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Sat­ur­day. [I Cor. 4:17–5:5; Matt. 24:1–13] Because iniq­ui­ty shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Love is destroyed by trans­gres­sions; the more sins, the less love. Where there is all sin, do not seek love. There­fore, he who seeks the spread of love and cur­tail­ment of lack of love ought to be con­cerned with de?creasing sin and cut­ting short the sin-lov­ing realm. This is the true foun­da­tion for human­ism! Hav­ing tak­en up this work, one must use all means to oppose sin. Exter­nal sins are the fruit of inner sin­ful­ness. In?ner sin­ful­ness is root­ed in ego­ism and its off­spring. Con­se­quent­ly, human­ists need to make it a rule for them­selves to sup­press ego­ism by all means; ego­ism is sup­pressed most force­ful­ly by not allow­ing one’s own will. Do not allow your?self to have your own will, and soon you will over­come ego­ism. On the con­trary, no mat­ter what means you want to use against ego­ism, you won’t be able to do any­thing with it if you give free­dom to your will. It would fol­low that wher­ev­er peo­ple seek their own lit­tle will, they are seek­ing an expan­sion of ego­ism and the wax­ing cold of love — and they are seek­ing the greater evil. Yet such is the spir­it of the cur­rent time — and evil is growing.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse