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Entreaties of the Poor

Whoso stop­peth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry him­self, but shall not be heard (Prov. 21:13). And we often mar­vel why God does not lis­ten to our prayers? Here is the rea­son! Because there sure­ly have been instances when we have stopped

hear­ing the entreaties of the needy; so the Lord does not hear us either. It is no great woe if a prayer about some­thing tem­po­ral is not heard; but how woe­ful if the Lord will not lis­ten to us when we start to pray to Him about the for­give­ness of our sins. He will not lis­ten if the cry to Him of those

scorned is stronger than our pray?ers. We must hur­ry to avert this ex?treme mis­for­tune, accord­ing to the exam­ple of Zac­cheus, whose wise deci­sion caused the Lord to say, This day is sal­va­tion come to this house (Luke 19:9).

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse