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Evil thought goes before a fall

Thursday. A haughty spirit goeth be?fore a fall (Prov. 16:18).[1] There?fore, do not allow evil thoughts to come in, and there will be no falls. And yet what are people most care?less about? About their thoughts. They allow them to seethe as much and however they like, not even thinking to subdue them, or to di?rect them to rational pursuits. Meanwhile, within this inner tur?moil the enemy approaches, places evil in the heart, seduces it and in?clines it toward evil. And the person unnoticeably prepares himself for evil. It remains for him to either carry out the evil fixed to his heart, or to struggle with it. But this is our sorrow: that almost nobody takes on the struggle; while all are led to the evil as if bound.

[1] The Slavonic for Prov. 16:18 reads: Evil thoughts go before a fall.

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