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Follow The Lord’s Sufferings

Mon­day (Holy Week). [Matt. 24:3–35]

The Lord goes to a vol­un­tary pas­sion. We must accom­pa­ny Him. This is the duty of any­one who con­fess­es that by the pow­er of Christ’s pas­sion he has become who he is now, and of any­one who hopes to receive some­thing which is so great and glo­ri­ous, that it could not even enter one’s mind. How must one accom­pa­ny Him? Through reflec­tion and sym­pa­thy. Fol­low the suf­fer­ing Lord in thought; and in your reflec­tion extract such impres­sions as could strike your heart and bring it to feel the suf­fer­ings which were borne by the Lord. In order to bet­ter accom­plish this, you must make your­self suf­fer through per­cep­ti­ble less­en­ing of food and sleep, and an increase in the labour of stand­ing and kneel­ing. Ful­fil all that the Holy Church does, and you will be a good fel­low-trav­eller of the Lord to His suf­fer­ings.