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Forgive And You Will Be Forgiven

[Rom. 13:11–14:4; Matt. 6:14–21] For if ye for­give men their tres­pass­es, your Heav­en­ly Father will also for­give you; But if ye for­give not men their tres­pass­es, nei-ther will your Father for­give your tres­pass­es (Matt. 6:14–15). What a sim­ple and handy means of salva-tion! Your tres­pass­es are for­giv­en under the con­di­tion that you for­give the tres­pass­es of your neigh­bour a-gainst you. This means that you are in your own hands. Force your­self to pass from agi­tat­ed feel­ings to-ward your broth­er to tru­ly peace­ful feel­ings — and that is all. Forgive-ness day — what a great heav­en­ly day of God this is! If all of us used it as we ought, this day would make Chris­t­ian soci­eties into heav­en­ly so-cieties, and the earth would merge with heav­en.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse