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Give and it will be given to you

[Phil. 2:17–23; Luke 6:37–45] Judge not, for­give, give… It seems like noth­ing but expens­es, with­out any prof­it. But behold what is promised: if you do not con­demn, you will not be con­demned; if you for­give, you will be for­giv­en; if you give, you will be giv­en to. Right now the prof­it is not vis­i­ble, but it will undoubt­ed­ly come for the one who makes these expen­di­tures from the heart —it will come pre­cise­ly at that time when he needs non-con­dem­na­ tion and for­give­ness the most. How he will rejoice when he is sud­den­ly made wor­thy to receive such good gifts as if for noth­ing! And on the con­trary, how anoth­er will sor­row and grieve, because he did not know how to prof­itably man­age his prop­ erty! He would now for­give every­ thing and give away every­thing, but it is too late: every­thing has its time. Not every­one pur­sues the prof­it that comes direct­ly into one’s hands, almost right after the expen­di­ture. A Russ­ian proverb says, throw bread and salt behind you, and you will find it in front of you. This kind of action real­ly is like throw­ing some­thing, but in this case it is not thrown under­foot to be tram­pled, but into the hands of God. These hands are true, and sure to return what they receive. Just hold to faith and hope.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse