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Giving Alms

Tues­day. [Col. 1:1–2, 7–11; Luke 8:1–3] The Lord preach­es, the women serve Him from their sub­stance, and are thus as par­tic­i­pants in his very preach­ing. It is not giv­en to ev?eryone to preach the Gospels, but every­one can help spread them, and be par­tic­i­pants in this most impor?tant mat­ter on the earth. There were many such par­tic­i­pants, both men and women, at the time the ho?ly apos­tles preached; and then at the time of their suc­ces­sors, and fi?nally, through­out the entire his­to­ry of the Church. Such par­tic­i­pants ex?ist to this day. Our apos­tles in the Cau­ca­sus and in var­i­ous areas of Si?beria labour zeal­ous­ly, suf­fer­ing ev?ery need and depri­va­tion. They con?tinue the work of the Lord and the holy Apos­tles. Those men and wo?men who send them help join the ranks of the women who served the Lord, and become wor­thy of equal rec­om­pense. The Lord said: He that receiveth whom­so­ev­er I send receiv?eth Me (John 13:20). This means that He equates Him­self with the one who is sent to preach; it would fol?low that He equates the ser­vice ren?dered to his mes­sen­gers with serv?ing Him. Accord­ing to the law of His good­ness and truth, the way a per?son receives one deter­mines the re?ward he will receive (Matt. 10:41). This would seem to be suf­fi­cient in?centive to keep giv­ing alms to help in the great work of preach­ing of the Gospels.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse