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Go to the Lord

Wednesday. [Acts 14:6–18; John 7:14–30] On Mid-Pentecost a cry is heard from the Lord: If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink (John 7:37). If so, then let us all go to Him. Whoever thirsts for anything, as long as it is not contra?ry to the spirit of the Lord, will find satisfaction without fail. Whoever thirsts for knowledge, go to the Lord, for He is the only light truly enlightening every man. Whoever thirsts for cleansing from sins and to soothe the burning of his con?science, go to the Lord, for He lifted up the sins of the whole world onto the tree (cf. I Pet. 2:24) and tore up their handwriting (cf. Col. 2:14). Whoever thirsts for peace of heart, go to the Lord, for He is the trea?sure, the possession of which will force you to forget all deprivations and despise all goods in order to possess Him alone. Whoever needs strength — He has every strength. Glory — He has glory on high. Free?dom — He is the giver of true free?dom. He will resolve all of our un?certainties, will break the bonds of the passions, will disperse all sor?rows and grieving, will enable us to overcome all impediments, all temptations and snares of the ene?my, and will smooth out the path of our spiritual life. Let us all go to the Lord!

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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