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God sees everything

Tuesday. Hell and destruction are before the Lord:[1] how much more then the hearts of the children of men? (Prov. 15:11). But the sinner thinks that nobody sees him. Con‐cealing himself from human eyes, in the darkness of night or in a deserted place, he supposes that he is not noticed by anyone. But God’s eye has seen everything; his guard‐ian angel and conscience were wit‐nesses. At some time you will stand at the judgement: then all that is hidden will be laid bare: uncompro‐mising witnesses will be present —and you shall be speechless. The verdict will not be subject to appeal. There is only one way to prevent this ultimate inevitability: repen‐tance. The door to repentance is o‐pen. Hurry to enter, before the hour strikes… and it will strike. When? You do not know. But it will put an end to your sins, or to any hope of pardon.

[1]The Slavonic for Prov. 15:11 reads: Hell and destruction are man‐ifest before the Lord…

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