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God will take care of everything

Mon­day. [Heb. 8:7–13; Mark 8:11–21] The Lord and the dis­ci­ples sailed to the oth­er side of the sea. The disci-ples had for­got­ten to bring bread; they had with them only one loaf, and were begin­ning to won­der what they should do. Know­ing their thoughts, the Lord remind­ed them about the fill­ing of the four thou-sand, and then five thou­sand peo-ple, thus uplift­ing them to the firm hope that with Him, they will not die of hunger, though they have not a sin­gle loaf of bread. How much anx­i­ety peo­ple get from thoughts a-bout an unknown future! There is only one relief from this anx­i­ety —hope in the Lord; a sen­si­ble exami-nation of what has already occurred with us and with oth­ers enlivens and strength­ens. There is not a sin-gle per­son to be found who has nev-er in his life expe­ri­enced some un-expected deliv­er­ance from misfor-tune, or unex­pect­ed turns of his life for the bet­ter. Revive your soul with remem­brance about these instances when gloomy thoughts begin to weary it about what to do. God will arrange every­thing for the bet­ter now, as before. Rely upon Him. He will send you good humor even be-fore your deliv­er­ance, and you will not even notice your mis­for­tune. Mer­cy shall encir­cle him that hopeth in the Lord (Ps. 31:10) Exam­ine ex-periences of this in holy Scrip­ture, in the lives of saints, in your own life, and in the lives of your ac-quaintances, and you will see, like in a mir­ror, how The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him (Ps. 144:19). Then fears about your fate will not trou­ble your soul.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse