2148 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

God’s Spectacular Wave Symphony and the Essence of Human Nature

God’s Spectacular Wave Symphony and the Essence of Human Nature

God’s Spec­tac­u­lar Wave Sym­pho­ny and the Essence of Human Nature: A lec­ture by the Ortho­dox Chris­t­ian physi­cist Michael Prav­i­ca, Ph.D., Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor of Physics at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Neva­da, Las Vegas

Divine Litur­gy would be at 10 AM, fol­lowed by a cheva­pi BBQ lunch, and the lecture.

When: June 11, 2017
Where: Fel­low­ship Hall at 2148 Michel­son Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

Abstract: Niko­la Tes­la once stat­ed: “If you want to find the secrets of the uni­verse, think in terms of ener­gy, fre­quen­cy, and vibra­tion.” Our world is full of beau­ti­ful vibrat­ing waves of myr­i­ad fre­quen­cies that rep­re­sent prop­a­gat­ing and con­fined ener­gy. Yet waves can often also be viewed as par­ti­cles (such as the quan­tum par­ti­cle of light known as the pho­ton) and vice ver­sa (e.g. the elec­tron). Adding to this mys­tery is the uncer­tain­ty prin­ci­ple of quan­tum mechan­ics which states that the posi­tion of a par­ti­cle and momen­tum (mass times veloc­i­ty) can­not be simul­ta­ne­ous­ly deter­mined. All of these phe­nom­e­na cou­ple with­in our brains to enable our cre­ativ­i­ty, con­nect us with phys­i­cal real­i­ty, and may explain many aspects of human behav­ior. They also enable us to tran­scend four-dimen­sion­al space­time into the meta­phys­i­cal realm. This talk will explain dif­fer­ent kinds of waves and offers mech­a­nisms to par­tial­ly explain our amaz­ing cre­ativ­i­ty, our spec­trum of intel­li­gence, and how we can res­onate with the Cre­ator of this amaz­ing sym­pho­ny. There will also be a demon­stra­tion of var­i­ous waves (such as sound waves) to accom­pa­ny the lecture.

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